Courses and Training

Welcome to the website of our language school « Arc-en-ciel » ! Thank you for your interest in our school. We are pleased to inform you about our offers.

The language school « Arc-en-ciel » offers you a variety of lessons which try to take into account the language diversity of our planet. The languages with the most native speakers are of course well represented at our school, but we also make an effort to let you discover rather uncommon languages that might interest you because of a trip or for family or professional reasons.

In our school, the language lessons are not limited to a mere transfer of knowledge. Our teachers will help you to get into the language you learn and the culture of the country where it is spoken by organising diversified lessons and making you feel their own enthusiasm.

Do not hesitate to consult our website to get to know more about the lessons and about us.

Training Center

In addition to the language lessons, our association is setting up a training centre that will offer even more diverse lessons. At the training centre, the lessons are strongly inspired by the schools’ topics and thus, they also cover subjects that are usually very difficult for scholars, such as natural and exact sciences (mathematics, physics).

Coaching for other subjects will also be provided, so that the scholars can try to solve the problems they had at school with our teachers und that they can revise everything they did not understand in class.

Besides, the training centre offers lessons in learning fields that are not well represented in secondary school, computer science and music for instance. In so doing, the association wants to provide a complete and versatile education.

Our teachers are members of our association, they are students with a BAC+3 and retired teachers. Our rates are based on the administration and transport costs of our teaching staff. No more private lessons with excessive rates.