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Become volunteers

The language school „Arc-en-ciel“ recruits volunteers.

If you speak one or several foreign languages, if you are interested in other cultures or even if you want to take some time to help fellow    human beings, become a volunteer for our association!

We will gladly work with private persons and companies.

We will check your application for voluntary membership in our association, in the occupational fields of French courses, French as a foreign language (FLE) and other foreign languages.

Beside all the personal benefits you will get from this new experience, working as a volunteer can be an advantage for your professional career. If you look for a new job, adding “volunteer work” on your CV can be very beneficial. Recruitment consultants will be pleased to see that you are willing to give your time to help people.

In addition to mentioning the volunteering experience on your CV, you will receive a volunteer passport.  This passport, initiated by France Bénévolat, will accompany you and will show your experience in volunteer work. The passport is acknowledged and approved by many important institutions, such as the management of Associative life committees (the Ministry for Health, the Ministry of Youth and Sports), and of Deposit and Consignment Fund. It is a great asset for your professional life.

We are looking for motivated volunteers