About us

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Our association aims at spreading the French language, other languages of the European Union and also all the other languages and their cultures.

Do you feel like discovering new countries, getting to know their inhabitants and speaking their languages?
Our language school „Arc-en-ciel“ offers you language courses.

Our teachers are at your disposal to help you learn the languages of the European Union (French, English, German, Spanish, Polish, Rumanian, Serbo-Croatian, etc.), post-Soviet area languages (Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Georgian, Armenian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Uzbek, etc.) as well as Asian and African languages (Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Farsi, Turkish, Arabic, etc.).

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We are all different, but the passion for languages unites us!

NEW: Our association starts private lessons for different subjects such as mathematics, physics etc..

The three main tasks of ARC EN CIEL

  1. Offer French courses and courses for other languages of the European Union as well as other languages in France and in the whole world for all audiences.
  2. Spread the French culture and those of the European Union countries as well as other cultures of the world.
  3. Promote respect, cultural diversity, exchange, conviviality, solidarity and innovation.